Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Activity: Christmas Card Crafting 11/12/13

The cards above are the ones which we created together for our family, but Sam has quite a large social group so we have to make some more for his little friends so today we completed some potato printing! 

I find potato printing can be hit or miss, especially when using BLACK PAINT (the one which does not wash!) but today it worked quite well! (If you can guess what Sam done straight after I took this photo you can also know that black paint doesn't taste so good!)

We are currently waiting for these black splodges to dry then we will be doing some white splodging! Technical terms all round today! 


The black splodges dried! So we moved on to white splodges! Showed him how to get the white in the middle on my one and he did it on all 10 of his! Definitely feel like he understands me more each day!!!

And the end result:

Gluing with a 19 month old... not as fun as it looks ;-)

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