Sunday, 1 January 2012

A(nother) Year of Projects Part 3

Another finished project for my year of projects mission.  This time for my husband, and this is in fact the first thing I have ever knitted for him.  I made him this crochet blanket for his 30th birthday (made up of 30 squares):
Then he requested some arm warmers so we have these:
(He thought they deserved a 'manly' pose!)
Very easy pattern and also scrummy Fyberspates Scrumptious yarn.  He loves them and they are sewn up tightly so that when they get baggy they don't look atrocious! 

I think for the next project I might order the yarn to make the stitch sampler shawl, but I am falling into the world of baby knitting at the moment as it is only 14 weeks until our little boy is due and I'm knitting for 6-9 months and above as it is seasonally a better time to knit for him.

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