Wednesday, 16 November 2011

'Work in progress' Wednesdays {16/11/2011}

Hats, hats, hats.  I've been in the mood for crocheting lots of hats recently.  Specifically of the animal variety!

On Sunday I made this hat:
On Monday I made this hat:
(I know no animal but what blue animals are there?!)

and on Tuesday I made this hat:
Which shall become a bear I think, just need to figure out some ears.

These are all newborn, which will be impractical for our baby because it will be born at the start of summer but I have been wanting to make the Owl hat for a few years now and I got in the mood for making hats!!!

Find out what everyone else is in the mood for making over at Tami's Blog!


  1. Aw, that owl hat is adorable! I wish I knew someone with a baby so I could make one (I guess I could make one anyway of course!)

  2. I made an owl hat this week too :) This one was for a friend who is due in December but I've already done one for my own little on and decided that I want to make one that will fit her next year too! They're so cute!

  3. My grandsons would love those hats.
    Best wishes to you and your growing family!

  4. Oh, that owl hat is SO cute!!!

  5. The hats are great! I love the owl one.

  6. ooh that owl hat is gorgeous, i'm excited to see the bear too - hehe too cute. you could make the blue one into a penguin!!!

  7. Oh my goodness that owl hat is amazing, I totally love it!

  8. Hats are super fun, aren't they? These are all really cute.

  9. Loving the hats! You could make the blue one cookie monster? :-) My first-born has a huge head and didn't fit into any of the millions of baby hats people gave us! Luckily my girls are a bit more normal! :-)