Friday, 25 November 2011

It's a boy!!!

Last Wednesday we found out the little baby growing in my tummy is a wonderful, perfect little boy! 

Having a 9 year old step-daughter and an almost (her birthday is tomorrow!) 1 year old niece, the little boy is a welcome addition to the family and we are very happy at no more pink and sparkles for a while!!!

My husband knew it was a boy all along, but I was sitting on the fence (I am notoriously indecisive!) and when we saw on the monitor that it was a boy I shouted out 'look, there's his little man!' oh the joys of already having an embarrassing story for when he turns 18!

Today I bought a new moses basket for him.  I am very conscious of the fact that babies grow quickly so most of what I am using for him will be preloved, but we decided that his first bed should be only his from the start so that was bought new.

Oh we are so very excited, he is moving more and more everyday and now we can watch him move around in my belly too.  Only approximately 19 weeks to go until we meet him! 

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  1. So very excited for you Lee. Once we knew the sex, it seemed like they became little people for us (we also chose names then) and it suddenly seemed "real".