Sunday, 27 November 2011

A(nother) Year of Projects Part 2

I cannot believe this is only post 2 of 2 haha!  At the moment I have one finished project to show you and one in progress so at least that is something!

Capucine Hat:
For being a yarn that was not particularly lovely to begin with, this hat knitted up really nice, look at the spiral at the back!!!  The yarn is a cotton mix, and because I made this specifically for snowboarding, its not particularly brilliant when it gets wet, the tassels do not withstand being damp well and I have to trim them every time I wear the hat in the snow!  But aside from that it took about 6 hours to make and I do like this hat a lot.  I want to embellish it slightly like the one from the original pattern on Ravelry.

My current YOP project is my husbands arm warmers.  I am making them with Fyberspates Scrumptious yarn (because he really doesn't like pure wool) which is a mix of 55% Merino and 45% Silk and it is gorgeous.  I wasn't happy with doing these using a cable needle and magic loop so I ordered some 6mm bamboo needles from eBay and I am awaiting their delivery!  The arm warmers I have chosen are apparently 'knit one in an hour' so they should hopefully be finished quickly as it is getting chilly here and he would love them for under his jacket.

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