Sunday, 10 July 2011

A(nother) Year of Projects Part 1

For my year of projects I have already managed to complete one of my 12 chosen patterns! Yay!

I made these legwarmers for a ballet dancing friend in return for something custom made in a craft swap.  They are light denim blue (matched my jeans perfectly when I was wearing them) and made from vintage Icelandic Wool.  They are really cosy - and I think I also need a pair... Very plain but also very pretty, although the cast on edge makes for a tight fit - how do I sort that out?!

This project helped with my skills as I used my Knit Pro circular needles for the second time - this time using magic loop and I knit both legwarmers at the same time!  It was very interesting to begin with as I couldn't quite get my head around it but I have it now!  And it has inspired me to make many many socks!!!
Legwarmers as a WIP
Apart from the legwarmers, I have become a little sidetracked this week as I seem to have a very fertile facebook page and everyone at the moment seems to be pregnant or they have a newborn so I am knitting/crocheting baby items!

I have one finished object, a little crocheted floral dress:
And one WIP, which is a white Matinee Jacket...
But I just can't get enough, and don't want to purely make baby items, so tonight I am going to also cast on Capucine from my Year of Projects list! 

Can't wait!

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  1. It's not that surprising that you finished legwarmers (they look easy) but I'm still jealous.