Wednesday, 8 June 2011

'Work in Progress' Wednesdays {08/06/11}

So I didn't have a WIP Wednesday last week, because I didn't want to bore you with the same project:
Knitting:Ribbon-Tie Cardigan. I am still working on this and hopefully will have the Right Front finished by tomorrow night and then all I need to do are the sleeves! 

Tonight though I have been very busy:
I am creating a prototype T-Shirt Laptop Case as a friend has asked me if I can make one (which I definitely think I can!) so I thought best to try with my own materials before using her special t-shirt as a test!

I am also in the process of making another one of my little people.  I already made one like this:
Her name is Flump.  She went to live with one of my friend's who posted a picture of her on his Facebook and due to this I have another order!  This lil lady is called Penny and she doesn't seem scared at all about the needle near her smiley face!
She is currently still in pieces but her birthday will be today and I'll show you what she looks like finished in FO Friday.
Oh and last but not least! I am on the last of my sheep washing this evening! We picked it up on May 14th and it was shorn on May 9th so it has been nearly a month since it has been shorn! Hopefully that fact won't be too detrimental to the fibre but I'm sure it won't, this is the last bucket:
I have the washing process timed to perfection now, that always happens when you get to the end of a project!  All that's left is carding, spinning, plying and dyeing then I can knit or crochet with it - hehehe!

Go take a look at everyone else's WIP Wednesday's here, that's where I'm going before I go to sleep! 


  1. Awww, the little doll is cute!!! And of course, it's stripped. You cannot go wrong with stripes (but then I'm a bit of a stripe addict)

  2. I love Flump (what a great name), she's adorable! And the t-shirt laptop case project sounds awesome---what sort of t-shirt does your friend want turned into a laptop case? I'm curious about this. :)

  3. Flump is so cute! I love her expression.

  4. I love your little people!! Flump is a great name!

  5. Kathleen - It is an Apple t-shirt because we both used to work in an Apple store! Which is kinda cute to see a mac in an Apple case! I have pics of mine for tomorrows FO Friday!

    Interesting to see Flump has a total fanclub! I will have to show you guys the rest of the peeps!

  6. Flump is ADORABLE!!!! Love the name. Can't wait to see the laptop case and Flump!