Monday, 13 June 2011

This foot was made for walking.

The past week or so I have borrowed Christine's walking foot for her sewing machine.  Borrowed probably isn't the right word, kidnapped is more like it.  
It is absolutely amazing when it comes to sewing t-shirt fabric, never mind just in general - I love it!  It seriously makes a difference to my skills on my sewing machine, and also for some reason reverse only seems to work when it's on (I think my sewing machine prefers it too!).

I managed to finish more of my WIP quilt (more on that on Wednesday) in 20 minutes than I did in a few hours before - because I had to continually stop and start and and pull the material so it wouldn't bunch up.

Yesterday, in a matter of hours I managed to make this little thing:
It's a cute crochet hook roll up thingy - which I tried to use a tutorial for, but I think it is too simple to have to look at a tutorial, so I was just getting confused and decided to go for it!  
And I love it! I want to make more but I fear I will have to buy more crochet hooks to fill them! Wait is that even a problem or just a happy incident...
Anyway before I buy any more crochet hooks I definitely need to buy a walking foot!


  1. Ooooooh - sounds like you NEED to teach me about this 'walking foot' business! :-)

    Love your roll! (Does this mean you won't be using your massive crochet hook anymore :-( that's too cute!

    I am about to cut out a knit pro roll - this post was a fortuitous omen.

  2. Awesome, love the roll up, great work!

  3. Love the fabric :) I keep meaning to make one of these as a knitting needle case, you've reminded me how cute they look!

  4. Your needle case is perfect!

    I learned about the walking foot when I took my first quilting class this summer. It's great for moving the top layer of fabric through the machine at the same speed as the bottom piece of fabric.

    Just be careful not to use a wide decorative stitch and crash the needle into the metal part of the walking foot. Learned that the hard way :-)