Thursday, 23 June 2011

Project Spectrum {5} - Green June.

Aside from my Green macbook cover that I made earlier this month:
I also made these babies:
Peppermint Creams! They are so sweet, you feel like you won't have teeth by the end of chewing, but they are so easy to make and taste brilliant.  I've even made red vanilla ones that were made into Ladybugs with some chocolate piping!

1 Egg White
Icing Sugar
Peppermint Essence
Green Colouring

To make them you whisk one egg white until fluffy then add enough icing sugar to make a stiff paste.  Flavour with peppermint essence to taste and add some green colouring (I use natural essence and colouring in order to justify to myself scoffing 4 of these in a row shortly after making them!)  Then roll them into balls and squish with a fork.  Then just to add to the whole mix, I melt a bar of chocolate and dip one end in.  Put in the fridge until they harden slightly.  EAT ALL OF THEM IN ONE SITTING!  I mean... share with friends...

Ooh just to add to my... Green post, hehe, I found some ladybugs my step daughter once made: CUTE!

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