Friday, 24 June 2011

'Finished Object' Friday {24/06/11}

Friday again! I love Fridays! Here are my Finished Objects this week:
My stripey - first time on circular needles - cowl.  Made from Debbie Bliss Andes, which is so amazingly soft and silky, but yet definitely not the right choice for a cowl!  The above picture was taken AFTER blocking!!!

It is so luxurious, I'm kicking myself I didn't buy more than one ball of each colour, the drape is gorgeous, It would make a lovely jumper I think! 
It does this when worn - not a highly practical cowl!

Above is the before shot to my Dylon dyeing experiment.  Can you see all the dye that ran out of the trimming on this dress!  Apparently Primark are only making 'use once' clothing.  So I wanted to give it a new lease of life (and also wear it for a second time!):
Still mid-drying and also on our vibrant red bedspread (no sense whatsoever in this photo!) It looks really gorgeous and also has hidden all the bad bit of the dye that ran!  Yay! 
Aside from all these FO's, tonight I made some Peach Crumble and I'm still working on my two leg warmers on one cable needle project, a lovely Friday night is being had!
Go be nosy, see what everyone else has been up to here....


  1. I'm sorry about the cowl's non-practical-ness, but it really is lovely! Great colours, pretty stripes, and the drape does look very sweet.

    I love your dyed-dress, too, what a rich purple!

  2. It's pretty, it'll be warm, and that's all that counts!