Friday, 10 June 2011

'Finished Object' Friday {10/06/11}

Two finished objects today!  And both are sewing!  How did that happen!
This is Penny.  She is a replica of Flump who can be seen here.  This is a custom order for a friend's friend and she will be going to her loving new home soon!  Had a few comments on Flump on my 'Work in Progress' Wednesday post this week.  These little people are part of a collection I make, so I thought I would post a few more pictures of them here:
They are going to be on my Etsy shop when I have that set up and running.

My other FO this week is a prototype Laptop Sleeve made from an up-cycled T-shirt!
I really, really love this project as I have been wanting to:
  • Make a laptop case for a while for our Macbook Pro.
  • Find new projects for my old Apple t-shirts
  • Try out sewing a zip!
Excuse all the creases, its very padded and soft and apparently also very huggable! I have another order for a similar laptop case from a friend of mine too who wants one made from her old Apple t-shirts!  So really this was a very practical project which has had good results and the reason why I made it in green was because that is the colour for June on Project Spectrum! So I have also made something Green in the the month June! Yay! 

Multi-tasking machine I have been this week!  To go see everyone else's creations go here.


  1. I figured your link on the Mister Linky. :) I love Penny and the whole gang! Very adorable. Also, awesome laptop case and I love that it's an Apple t-shirt! LOL

  2. I just love your little people, they are so quirky and cute!

  3. Love the dolls, and that case came out wonderfully. It looks so plush, I'm kind of jealous of the laptop!

  4. Penny is great! Your little people are so cute, my nieces would love them. What a great idea for your Apple tees.