Thursday, 9 June 2011

{30 Day} Photo Fun {9th June - Fresh Fruit}

Ooooh this {30 Day} photo thing is bringing out the honesty in me!  Yesterday I was all about confessing that I am obsessive and today is no different!

I am OBSESSED with Lemons! 
Bet you didn't expect that. Well you did if you were at my wedding:
It had a lemon theme!

I'm pretty addicted to lemons and I could eat my own weight in lemon cheesecake and have a recipe for a particularly amazing one which I am due to make for Christine's husband at some point in the near future!  
And if you have been paying close attention you will remember the post about the Lemon Shizzle Cake. Well I made the day before many many many Lemon Shizzle cupcakes for our wedding:
Anyway, I think I have proved my point!  I love lemons!  Today I have chosen to photograph some citrus fruit because they are so pretty:
Oooh, how did that picture of that lemon get in there?! Hehe! 

I have no idea what I'm going to do about my picture of an Animal tomorrow as I have none and don't generally see any on a day to day basis, I did, however, see a dead squirrel on my way to work yesterday morning (which someone threw in a bush next to the road so I get to see it everyday now! Yay :-\ ).

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