Wednesday, 8 June 2011

{30 Day} Photo Fun {8th June - Sunset}

I get a bit obsessive with stuff.  And tonight was no different.  I've been panicking all day that I might not get a photo of the sunset for the {30 Day} challenge and I really wanted to keep up to date with the challenge seeing as I've already completed a week of it! 
So I started taking pictures of the sunset at 7:30pm... every 5 minutes... and the sun eventually set at 9:03pm.  So you can see the obsession here - and I drove the other half mad because I set my alarm on my phone to go off every 5 minutes! Talk about stressful! But it was a very beautiful sunset, especially seeing as it started so cloudy!  Here are a handful of pictures that I took, but they show the 23 minutes of the sun eventually going past the horizon.  Enjoy!

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