Sunday, 5 June 2011

{30 Day} Photo Fun {5th June - Breakfast Today}

Breakfast today was at 7:30am... I don't even get up that early when I'm going to work but today was important.  Today was Sunday, and that means Carboot Sale Day!
Breakfast was a rather large coffee and some Dorset Oats and Strawberries!  I had four hours sleep so the coffee was a necessity!! 

Onto the Carboot Sale!  It was actually pretty good! I managed to get a bargain teapot with 4 cups and 2 saucers for 50p!
I also got this little sewing machine for my step-daugher for £1.50 - its not much use though, but does look pretty on my shelf! 
And then I got these!

And some more craft stash now that I have finally emptied out all of my paper craft (and sent it off to a new loving home!) and made space for more fabric and yarn! YAY!
What a productive and fun day - can't wait to go back! MORE BUTTONS!!! hehe!


  1. Fantastic haul,which car boot did you go too, I always forget about car boots, and it is not as if I ever sleep in, I am always awake about five.

  2. We went to Pease Pottage - but I'm sure we will be heading to more! There was an actual craft stall and also we found some rolls of fabric here and there =D