Friday, 3 June 2011

{30 Day} Photo Fun {3rd June - Hands}

Hands today!  Never realised how difficult it was to take a picture of my own hands!  Was planning to take a photo of my husbands hands and mine but he is away back home for the weekend to Scotland so I had to make do with my own.

And Make Do I do!  I make and do lots of stuff, so my hands are so important to me!  Today I have three pictures of what I do most with them, crochet, knit and spin!  
I am currently in the process of taking all my craft stash out from hiding as I want to downsize the amount of paper craft that I have - trouble is I find it really hard to get rid of anything I need, and I NEED it all!!!  Hopefully make room for more yarn! 
Quick the craft is taking over!!!

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  1. Very cool, you're doing great with this photo project!