Thursday, 2 June 2011

{30 Day} Photo Fun {2nd June - Your Favourite Shoes}

Ooooh Shoes! 

Obviously I love shoes, but the ones that steal my heart are 4 inch heels with strappy bits and sparkles and I used to have... oh I don't know 100 or so pairs... rainbow ones (ACTUAL RAINBOW HEELS!), bronze, silver, gold, lace, pink, purple, blue, green, white, black, orange and yellow and yet they are no more - some got donated to charity shops and others were sold on to new owners.  I used to not go by a week without buying a new pair, usually from eBay.  

Then I met my husband, who is not a small person by any standard, about 5'8", but with his already taller other half (I'm 5'9") adding a mere 4" changed everything about how we looked as a couple - we became Nicole and Tom Cruise (and we all know how that turned out!) so the shoes had to go.  Not in one swift move I have to say they slowly dwindled into non-existance.  To be fair, I'm medically not supposed to actually wear heels as I have a joint problem, so Hubby is actually looking after my health hehe!

One thing I do wish is that I got more photos of them!  At least with modelling I managed to wear a fair few in some photos then but really not enough!  I think that this project has definitely inspired me to take more photos of my shoes!  Not that I have many I realised this evening!

So onto tonight star of the show - my Blue Suede Shoes!  I can't get a good picture to emphasis the blue but they are so pretty!  They have a little heel on them, about 2 inches and Hubby still looks like a short bum when I wear them but he has to deal with that! I love them.
Excuse the swollen ankles, I just spent the last hour peeling and chopping onions for French Onion Soup!  

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  1. I'm dying to know... did you save the skins?