Wednesday, 25 May 2011

'Work in Progress' Wednesdays {25/05/11}

I'm currently on an airplane so I have had to schedule this WIP Wednesday from a different period in time!   After finishing my Froggy Festival Shawl, I have decided to return to my Ribbon-Tie Cardigan, purely because at the start of this year I had 6 WIPs and I don't want to get back to the stage where I am just finishing off projects, because I love to start new ones!  So I am back to finishing for the moment so that my future can be more new projects! 
Knitting: Ribbon-Tie Cardigan
I don't know if I ever did link to the yarn and pattern for this cardigan so here they are: yarn and pattern.

It is progressing well, and is a lovely pattern, I just have the fear that it won't fit even though I measured myself and actually did a tension square (which I rarely do!) so I'm apprehensive about the finishing line, but I will definitely get there! Then it will be on to deciding what colour of ribbon to use!

I have completed the back and front left so I am currently working on the front right then just the full-length *sigh* arms to do.

It is a bit daunting by here is a complete list of outstanding projects:
  • Ribbon-tie Cardigan
  • Crochet Cushion Cover (just the back to do)
  • '50s Tea Dress (Just a zip and some tidying up)
  • Lemon '60s Dress (Same as above, I need to learn how to do zips!)
  • White Baby Bundle, completed 1 Cardigan and Slippers, still need to do more!
  • Legwarmers (not yet started!)

And if we are counting, I have a shed load of scrapbooking supplies that I have barely used since Christmas to make a wedding scrapbook, but to be honest, as much as I love my paper crafting supplies, I just don't really like crafting with paper.  It's not as soft and fluffy =D

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  1. I used to papercraft a lot before I got into knitting. Knitting also doesn't include glue, or ink or other sticky things, so you can just dive right in and knit a few stitches and leave off ... not so much in papercrafting!!