Wednesday, 11 May 2011

'Work in progress' Wednesdays {11/05/11}

Can't believe it is Wednesday again already!

Crochet:Festival Shawl
After frogging this three times so far I think I know what to do with it - avoid the pattern! The lady who created the pattern actually messaged me on Ravelry to tell me how bad the errors were! Not a good sign! The hubby keeps telling me to start a new pattern and give up - but I'm a determined little thing!

Crochet:MIL's Blanket

My Mother-in-Law makes tons of lovely crocheted blankets.  More recently she has been taking orders so I placed one for a purple blanket.  She can't seem to make one colour blankets so here is the result!  Purple, Pink and Blue!  We live in Southern England and the rest of our family lives in Scotland (aside from my brother who lives in Iceland!), so when we were leaving after our last visit my MIL hadn't quite finished the blanket so she gave me a ball of wool to finish it myself!

A while ago I taught her how to do a Shell Stitch Edging to her blankets and she loves it because it gives them a finished look, but has been doing it for years now so was looking at something different.  So I modified it to a Cathedral Edging to give her blankets a different look.  

Here is also the other blanket she made for us - RAINBOW LUSHNESS!! 

And a pretty poor picture to show what Shell Stitch is like in comparison to the Cathedral Edging.  The orange is very bright and doesn't do macro's very well.

But unfortunately I now have to go back to my other work in progress - a horrible cold that appeared overnight =( Boo Hoo!

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  1. That shawl looks beautiful, I love the light, flowery openness of the pattern---definitely something that might be worth the trouble it's causing! I hope it cooperates with you soon. And I love the rainbow blanket!

    Sorry to hear about your cold-fighting WIP, and I hope the juice, etc., does its job quickly.

  2. The shawl is gorgeous, but it's never a good sign when the writer of the pattern messages you and says it's a poorly written pattern. LOL

    WOW, the blankets are beautiful! I love that you finished off the one for you. It's now a duel project with a lot of love!

    Oh no, sorry to hear you're sick! I hope you get better soon.

  3. OMG I'd freak if a pattern author warned me LOL

    I want crocheting family members. Those blankets are awesome. I never used to care much for blankets but lately I keep seeing awesome ones everywhere and am dying to get to work on some myself.