Monday, 2 May 2011


I just realised that for a blog whose premise is to discuss crafty things not one post is related to crafts! I do LOTS of crafty things. One more recently is Spinning!

I bought a started set from Twist Fibre Craft in July last year and it was only in March that I started to actually use it!

In the pack was a bog standard wooden top whorl drop spindle, and 3 pieces of Corriedale fibre, 50g of both purple and lime and 100g of pink. I also bought 100g of BlueFaced Leicester fibre called Humbug because it looked delicious!

Now I've ran out of fibre =( However! I just booked a place for Knit Nation to do a 'Spinning for Knitting' class which goes into detail about fibres and plying. So no doubt I'll spend a fair chunk of my spending money on fibre at the marketplace after the class!  I can't wait!

Think I might end up purchasing a few more spindles too as there are so many lovely ones and I am supposed to take one with me to Knit Nation.  Might take more than one!!!

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