Friday, 27 May 2011

Ooooh Yeah!

So further to the Sheepy Adventure yesterday, a few weeks ago I bought some Kool Aid from a party shop in Chichester.  It clearly made sense to use some to dye my newly cleaned fibre!  I bought 5 sachets (69p each!) but I gave one to a friend so I had 4 different 'flavours' to work with and using guidelines from Knitty I started with Cherry.
Then moved swiftly on to Grape...
Then Lemonade...
And finally Orange...
I am moderately happy with how the dyeing turned out.  Really it was an experiment and I'm a bit confused as to why I got nowhere near, in colour, what the pictures show on the Knitty website.  I guess I either didn't leave it in long enough, the water wasn't the right temperature or too much fibre.  But it is all a bit of an experiment and I am enjoying being all the Yarnalchemy!
To be honest once I read that Kool Aid should never be put into a metal container, not only did I start to think I would never try it as a drink, but also that it might not be the most environmentally friendly way to dye wool, and some of the smells that came from the 'flavours' were very interesting and chemical-ly.  I even read on one post not to inhale the powder and yet it is sold as something you ingest!   
I am definitely glad I tried it and I'm sure that once it is carded and spun I'll fall in love with it all over again but for now I'm not planning on buying any more for now and instead looking into the natural dyes.  

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  1. Isn't that creepy that its a beverage, yet is strong enough to dye fabric and wool?? I've used it to dye before, I like mixing two colors and seeing what comes out.