Thursday, 5 May 2011

Now I can talk, No one gets off.

I have been listening to this song ALL day! I absolutely love it! Dancing around the living room! Two Door Cinema Club - love them! They remind me of my Husband's band Futuro, and yet they aren't too similar - just love the fast angular rock! 
Anyways on to more pressing matters.  I started another project!  I was really missing crochet and seeing as knitting is still a bit sore with my 'Snowboarding Injury' ;-), I decided it was the perfect opportunity!  That and I had nothing to do on the train. 

So I cast on Festival Shawl by Lyn Robinson in my beautiful Araucania Ranco yarn.  (I'm not sure if Ravelry links will work unless you are signed in, but click to see the pattern and yarn.)  

It is crocheting up lovely - I did find a wee mistake in the pattern, which does mean having to frog some, but do you know what?  I actually don't mind because it is a lovely pattern and yarn I'm quite happy to do more of it!  So I am going to do that tonight before I go to bed so I can have more happy crochet on the train tomorrow and *fingers crossed* on my flight to Glasgow if the airport security let me through with my crochet hook!  Jet set crochet!

Most of tonight, aside from the crochet, I have been working on my 1950s Tea Dress.  I had about an hour of fast paced work and got most of the assembly together (and fixed some bits I did wrong in the first place because I wanted to make it look better!), then I had two hours of hell because I thought it was too small... because it didn't fit the dressmakers dummy correctly! I didn't think to, y'know, try the thing on!!!  

So after two hours of manic panic I tried it on and it seems like it will fit fine... once I learn how to sew on the zip!  Excuse the wet hair, the weird looking arms and the bottle of cherry coke!  At least I cropped out my pyjama bottoms! =P

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