Friday, 20 May 2011

'Finished Object' Friday {20/05/11}

So Fridays consist of the same thing for me.  The day at work goes on far too long.  I day dream and make silly errors from 3pm-5pm and I walk up the road really quickly so that I can take my shoes off and relax on the couch.  Friday is also Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice day so the evening mainly consists of me eating cake or chocolate and crying.  Poor OH! 

Tonight however I have a finished object to share with you.  The Festival Shawl I have been working on over the last 15 days is complete! And it is so gorgeous! Mmm!
I initially started this shawl because I fell in love with the beaded edging, and in the end I decided not to do it! =O It was so lovely without it, and this yarn is so pretty, and when I started to add it on it just didn't feel right so I stopped and frogged it.  (Frogging was a large part of the project so I think I'll call it my Froggy Festival Shawl! It actually only took me 2 evenings to make but all the frogging kept getting in the way!)
I have yet to block it - and apparently its a grower! So I think I'll do that overnight tonight and we'll see what I end up with!  And I'll need to get some decent pictures of it in the sunshine! 

I also finished the edging to this blanket: 

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  1. Your first pic is fabulous. Looks like a great shawl. Amazing for only 2 nights work (even with setbacks ; )!

  2. Gorgeous!!!!!!!! totally worth the frogging to end up with that. And the blanket is really lovely too :)

  3. That shawl is fantastic (and Froggy Festival Shawls is a great name, too, LOL), and it looks great on you! It has great drape, and the pattern is still making me drool a little. Maybe I'll add it to my faves on Ravelry...

  4. Your shawl is beautiful, a great match of yarn and pattern!

  5. I have still yet to block the shawl because I have been wearing it non stop - I am in love! I know that when I show it to my momma next week she is going to steal it so I might just need to make another one for her!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments! xx

  6. Good job finishing the blanket. The Festival shawl is so lovely it makes me glad I am learning to crochet.