Monday, 16 May 2011

Everybody Crafts. Part I.

In our family pretty much everyone does something creative.  We each make, build, fix, craft, stick, cut, tie, invent and create every week.  I don't think a week goes past without at least one person crafting! 

Both our mothers crochet (as seen in this previous post about my MIL).  My Momma's most recent finished object is this blanket for my Step-Daughter:
Both of them have ridiculous yarn stashes:

My Momma's Stash:
This is in the middle of organising!

This is my Step-Daughter 'Swimming' in my Momma's stash!

My MIL's Stash:
I have the job of organising it! RAINBOWS!

Yes so as you can see not only are we all crafters, but we are all obsessive craft collectors too! That bottom picture, it's not a shop - It is actually my MIL's stash!

I will go into further detail about the other crafty goings on in my family but for now - just scroll back up and look at that yarn supply hehe!

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