Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Preloved Heaven.

I remember when I was a kid one of the worst things I could hear my momma say was 'We are going to the second hand shops'. "BUT MUM!!!"... Honestly who would want to wear something someone else used to own?! But you know what they say Mums always know best and now you can't get me away from preloved stuff!  This is my latest new possession! My typewriter!

Every year the other half gets a list for christmas (or my birthday... or a Tuesday... I think I'm slightly demanding =D) of things that I want, and a typewriter has been on there for a while now!

I found this pretty little thing at the bottom of a shelving unit and it was priced at a steep £5!  But I didn't purchase it there and then - oh no!  I decided that I needed to torture myself.  So after a night of no sleep I went back and purchased the beautiful object that now resides on my side table!  I love it!  And it works amazingly well!  So now I just want to collect more!

A great thing about the little village I live in is that there is grand total of 4 second hand shops in a small area so there are always lovely things to be found! One of those shops is a second hand book shop and I've been finding lots of truly amazing bargain books for my step-daughter, most recently Horrible Histories and Goosebumps (which have been on request from her for a while but seeing as they are out of print I have had all the family on second hand alert!), and managed to get this bunch of books for the grand total of £1.20! Love it!

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