Thursday, 20 January 2011

January Flowers.

I love flowers.  They make everything indoors feel a little happier and brighter.  I have challenged my husband to buy me a bunch of flowers every month this year so this is the January bunch.  Flowers are so very photogenic, and these ones are no different.  They are a very creamy white with pink edges but in photographs they are the most brilliant pinky red.

They have gorgeous green stems and leaves - which are beginning to curl and fall over the rim of the vase which looks beautiful.  I thought that it would be wonderful to get lovely pictures of these flowers before they open up completely, so whilst sitting by the window and with the sun setting I found the perfect opportunity.

The above photograph shows the view from our living room window.  I'm sure it will be one that changes with the seasons but we have only lived in our house for a little under 3 months so we have only ever seen the leaves falling from the trees, the snow and the frost so we are definitely looking forward to seeing spring and summer through our window.

My husband has a background in Film Making and he has repeatedly educated me on the wonder of 'The Golden Hour', to the point where I now am able to finish his sentences when he talks about it, but without him I don't think I would ever know about this! Everything looks wonderful in that magical hour where the sun is falling out of the sky beyond the horizon.  And these flowers make no exception.  On this chilly cold January day, where we woke up with frost on our windows, The Golden Hour has made it possible for these flowers to look like they are happily growing on a summers evening. I don't think my husband will ever know how much I appreciate these flowers and also his knowledge that he shares with me.  Both are very beautiful.


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